Football and Ballet

Football and Ballet

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Quarterbacks and primo ballerinas don’t mix.

Crossing the line in secret is one thing, but I’m not falling for a guy who’s in the closet. Especially if he’s a quarterback in the NFL who doesn’t think men should be cheerleaders. But when Hunter shows up at my dance studio with ballet shoes in hand, I begin to think there’s more to him than jerseys and cleats.

There’s something catching my eye besides his technique. We warm to each other quickly, and not just on the dance floor. But when his agent sets him up with a fake girlfriend, I start to wonder if I’m just his dirty secret. These lessons won’t last forever, which means I have a decision to make: walk away when the job’s done, or stay and risk a broken heart.

He can’t live in the closet when I live in the spotlight.


Football never trained me for ballet.

My life’s dream was to quarterback in the NFL, and now that I’ve achieved it, I’m as popular with the fans as I am with the paparazzi. But I’m not used to the spotlight, and when a PR storm lands me in hot water, I find myself learning how to wear ballet shoes in a dance studio. And that’s where I meet Patrick.

He’s as graceful as he is gorgeous, and every hour I spend learning from him reminds me that I’m in the closet. But we dance too close and take it too far, and I end up in a tight spot. Coming out could risk my career, but it could mean something real with Patrick. He’s too special to keep hidden, and he won’t stick around if I keep pretending to be someone I’m not.

The best of both worlds is a long shot.

This is a standalone MM romance.

Football and Ballet

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