No. Amazon associate policy states that the price will not increase if a customer comes through an approved associate website. You will pay the same price as you go direct to the amazon site.

Amazon has a vast list of books. We sort few of them into categories which are not done in Amazon site and organise the top selections according to that certain category.

We are a small website business who provides a service of selecting books for you so that you do not have to spend time looking for the top books in a particular category. For this service, every time you buy a book through our link, we get a small commission from Amazon. This is Amazon’s associate program.

Yes. Although we produce the list of books, you still need a valid amazon account. We are merely just forwarding your business to Amazon for a nominal commission.

Any item you purchase on Amazon, even if it is through our link, will be shown in your Amazon order history. Any return or refund will be done through your Amazon account just as normal.

We create this list from various credible sources. But, by all means it may not satisfy your appetite. All lists have a comment section. Please express your feelings and we will attend to it.

We do not set the price for the books. Amazon does. To avoid any wrong price tag, we do not show the price of the books.

We always check the item availability in Amazon at the time of publishing our list. It is possible that Amazon ran out of stock since we published our list. Amazon should advise when the item will be available again. Or you can choose the next book from our list.

Ranking a book within a list often gets wrong. Different individual has different perspective about the ranking of a certain book within a list. We present you with the list and short description of each book, so that you can make a decision which is right for you.

By all means, suggest the title in the comment section. We will research the title and if it fits, we will definitely include it in the title.