Expired Game (Last Chance County Book 5)

Expired Game (Last Chance County Book 5)

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She won’t stop working to bring down West and save the town.

He’ll never admit he might be the one standing in her way.

Officer Jessica Ridgeman wants to make detective. But her drive to bring down West runs deeper even than that. When the local crime lord fights back in repeated attempts to kill her, she knows she’s onto something.

Ted Cartwright is the PD tech guy. But what Last Chance’s finest don’t know can’t hinder their work to take down West. If he can keep his past a secret, they’ll never have to discover their trust in him is misplaced.

When Ted’s dark past teams up with West, Jess and Ted must reveal their closely held secrets and risk it all to survive. From the wilds of the mountains around town to the deepest part of the lake…the hunt is on.

But who is the prey?

Welcome to Last Chance.
*a Christian Romantic Suspense*

Last Chance County Series
Book 1 – Expired Refuge
Book 2 – Expired Secrets
Book 3 – Expired Cache
Book 4 – Expired Hero
Book 5 – Expired Game
Book 6 – Expired Plot – Part of the DANGEROUS DECEPTIONS boxed set (Coming Oct 13th)
Book 7 – Expired Getaway (Coming late Dec 2020)

Expired Game (Last Chance County Book 5)

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