50 American Heroes Every Kid Should Meet, 3rd Edition

50 American Heroes Every Kid Should Meet, 3rd Edition

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How quickly can you name 50 American heroes?

They can be men or women, young or old, from the past or present, living or dead, but they all must have made an exceptional positive contribution to our world. Chances are, a few names popped right up: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. After all, they have their own national holidays. Then maybe people you are studying in school, such as Thomas Jefferson, Eleanor Roosevelt, or Harriet Tubman. After that, perhaps you listed a few important people in the news― Bill Gates, Jimmy Carter, even Oprah Winfrey.

Coming up with a list of 50 wasn’t easy, was it?

We didn’t think so either, and that’s why we wrote this book. Every kid needs great men and women to admire and imitate, but how can you look up to them if you don’t know who they are?

50 American Heroes Every Kid Should Meet introduces readers to a diverse cast of great Americans. The remarkable stories of fifty inspiring Americans are highlighted, from Jane Addams to Louis Zamperini. Among our heroes are architects and aviators, activists and scientists, entrepreneurs and advocates. They are teachers, musicians, inventors, and athletes. Some are well known. Others deserve to be. Some of our heroes lived long ago. Others continue to enrich our world today. Our heroes share admirable qualities: exceptional talent, fierce determination, and indomitable spirit. They are courageous and confident and possess an unwavering commitment to being the best they can be.

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